Pro Gaming Wired Gamepad

  • Dual vibration motors
  • Supports X-Input and Direct-Input game modes
  • Analog joystick and triggers
  • Backlit main buttons
  • Turbo rapid fire function

Open the door to victory with the Krom Key controller, this controller has been designed for gamers who want to go one step further and who strive to control the game from every possible angle. Key is the way to an unique experience, your experience.

PS3WindowsUSBTurbo Mode
X-Input and Direct-input

A true gamer always finds reasons to return to an old game, Key will allow you to enjoy your favorite games again in a way you've never experienced before. Shatter your own records and reinvent yourself thanks to this controller with the latest technology.

Dual vibration motors

The gaming experience will be much more real thanks to the dual vibration motors that allow you to get into the skin of your favourite characters. Key also employs a turbo quick-fire function that will help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

Backlit buttons

Key has an ergonomic design that makes it the perfect weapon for long games. Its X, Y, A and B buttons are backlit with a 3D effect, you'll want night to come so you can enjoy your Key to the max. Darkness will be your best ally.

In addition, the layout of its buttons is perfect for all PC games


A USB port is the gateway to a new gaming experience. You will only have to plug to start enjoying your favourite games.

Key is the way to an unique experience, your experience.