Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Mechanical keyboard with high quality switches
  • Backlit keys in RGB color mode (16.8 million colors)
  • 11 multimedia function keys
  • Gaming mode: disables the Windows key
  • 11 different lighting modes including a customizable mode
  • Function interchangeable WASD / Arrows keys
  • Keyboard settings without software
  • Two modes of anti-ghosting function
  • 50 million keystrokes per key
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Krom Kael it’s the perfect mechanical keyboard for gamers who need to maximize their playing space. With its minimalist and elegant design, Kael allows unlimited customization options, thanks to its RGB lighting. Turn it into the essential companion for every battle!

Mechanical keysLED backlightAnti-ghostingRetroiluminación LED

Krom Kael has a 16.8 million color option RGB backlit lighting, all of them configurable via keyboard shortcuts without the help of any software. Kael comes with 11 preset and customizable illumination modes, which includes Breathing mode, Scan Effect mode or the incredible Explosion mode which will light your keyboard in infinite colors.

On the other hand, it offers many backlight modes to customize your keyboard and adapt its lighting performance to the most popular games of the moment, by changing effects direction, colors, intensity or speed. In addition, and thanks to the quality of its lighting, you will easily find each key with a simple glance.


Krom Kael has been built with a solid aluminum structure, which brings stability and provides great strength and durability. At the same time, Kael it is a lightweight, easy to carry keyboard, perfect to pick it up to all your battles.

On the other hand, Kael includes a removable wrist rest, which is also anti-slip and magnetic, so you could remove it and put it at ease.

Its hind legs will allow you to raise your Krom Kael in case you needed it. Also, you will find on its back the necessary tool to extract the keys and leave the switches bare.


Krom Kael has been designed to offer you all the essential conveniencies to ensure your victory.

With Krom Kael it is possible to configure macros, assigning functions to any key you want without using any software.

Krom Kael comes with 2 types of anti ghosting system to prevent the annoying keylock:

One that will keep your keypad free from blocking (regardless of the number of keys you press) and another one with which you could not press more than 6 keys at once (6-key).

It is also possible to exchange between WASD function and joypad keys with Kael.

Finally, it is also possible to enable and disable Windows key locking, thanks to its Gaming key which will allow you to enjoy the game with total confidence.


Take advantage of Kael's wide color spectrum and create your own colors through a simple keyboard shortcut. Just press FN + Print Screen keys for 5 seconds: Delete key (Red color), End key (Green color) and Page Down key (Blue color) will automatically light up. Use them, along with Insert, Home and Page Up keys to move around the RGB spectrum, choose the color that you like and save it using again the FN + Print Screen keys combination. Switch off/on Kael's side lighting and set the effect you like best (breathing or fixed mode) using the FN + F12 keys combination.

Any time you want to reset your Kael keyboard's original settings, just press FN + ESC keys and then press F1, F3 and F5 keys consecutively.

Switch red

Mechanical keyboards are distinguised by having an individual mechanism in each key, therefore having a high durability, reliability and low response time.

Kael is fitted with Switch Red, the most popular among gamers. It is a linear switch characterized by a fast and convenient touch, perfect for performing actions at a very quick rate.


Keyboard shortcuts will be our best ally, as Kael doesn’t require any software to be configured. All Kael’s lighting possibilities as well as its macros, can be configured with a simple key combination.

El teclado RGB mas completo
Descubre todo lo que Kael puede ofrecerte.

Create custom colors with a simple key combination, and also choose between two types of anti-ghosting.


Choose between 9 predefined lighting modes and a customize your own.


Change the color, the intensity and the direction and the speed of the transition on-the-fly.


Windows key lock function.