• Mechanical keyboard with high quality switches
  • Backlit keys in RGB color mode (16.8 million colors)
  • Assign macro function on any key
  • 11 keys with multimedia function
  • Gaming mode: disable the Windows key
  • 9 lightning modes
  • Function WASD/Arrows keys interchangeable
  • Keyboard configuration without software
  • 2 modes of anti-ghosting function
  • 50 million keystrokes

Kempo is the mechanical keyboard from Krom that’s designed to offer you performance and comfort during long games. You’ll be able to adapt your in-game technique quickly and easily through simple keyboard shortcuts as well as enjoying all the lighting options without software.

Mechanical keysAnti-ghostingRGB LED Backlit
Technology and comfort

Kempo features mechanical switches which offer you a singular keystroke experience, increasing responsiveness, feedback, and precision when faced with the enemy. In addition, it comes with a retractable wrist rest to rest your hands during long and intense gaming sessions.

Design and lighting

A rigid aluminium structure makes this an elegant and minimalist design which offers great resistance and durability. It comes with 9 lighting modes and 16 million colors to choose from, allowing you to personalize the surface of the keys so that they are always visible and easily found during your night-time gaming sessions.

You’ll be able to configure the color, speed and intensity of each effect directly from the keyboard, making each battle a unique experience.

In addition, there are two feet at the back that enable you to adapt the height of your keyboard at any time.

Details that make a difference, such as the braided cable and gold-plated USB connection, guarantee, in this case, greater durability and resistance to wear-and-tear.

High performance

Kempo unites responsiveness, precision, speed and comfort, so that while you play you only need to worry about winning. Without the need for software you’ll be able to configure macros, assigning specific functions to whichever keys you prefer.

It comes with two types of anti-ghosting system to avoid the problem of keys locking up:One that will prevent your keyboard from locking regardless of the number of keys you press, and another with which you won’t be able to press more than 6 keys simultaneously.

In addition, Kempo features Gaming Mode (which disables the Windows key), 11 multimedia keys, and the option to switch the WASD key function with the arrow keys.

Just focus on winning
Find out what Kempo offers you.

Create custom colors with a simple key combination, and also choose between two types of anti-ghosting.


Choose between 9 predefined lighting modes and a customize your own.


Change the color, the intensity and the direction and the speed of the transition on-the-fly.


Windows key lock function.