• PixArt PMW 3325 high precisión optical sensor
  • OMRON switches in main buttons
  • Programmable software
  • 5 DPI levels (1000 - 4000)
  • Configurable RGB lighting

Kahn is Krom's gaming mouse for those who demand exceptional precision in every movement: perfect grip, a precise PixArt PMW 3325 optical sensor and 5 configurable DPI levels. You can boost its performance and user experience through its full RGB illumination and the customization options included in its complete configuration software.

Internal memoryOptical sensorRGB LightingSoftware
Design and finishes

Kahn’s ambidextrous design with rubber touch on its sides fits perfectly to both left and right handed users with a comfortable and firm grip that, in combination with the stability of its solid internal structure, allows only high precision movements.

Through its powerful software, you can increase the possibilities of Kahn’s 7 configurable buttons (two on the left side, plus the scroll and DPI, along with the two main ones featuring Omron technology), creating and assigning them macros and keyboard shortcuts.

High precision

Fitted with the excellent PixArt PMW 3325 optical sensor (one of the most accurate sensors on the market), Kahn has 5 DPI levels configurable via software, among which you can move at the push of a button.

Kahn enhances further your competitive advantage and the possibilities of its DPI levels through its configuration software, which allows you to increase the double click speed or the pointer precision, among other features.

Configurable RGB lighting

Kahn RGB LED lighting comes with several modes and effects, which you can take advantage of by assigning a color per DPI jump: this way, you can recognize each sensitivity in a glance and quickly apply the one needed at any situation.

In addition, using its advanced software it is also possible to assign a button to turn off or to switch between lighting modes. Each mode’s speed and intensity are adjustable as well.

Kahn makes a difference
Discover all that Kahn can offer you.

Kahn includes OMRON switches on the two main buttons.


Switch between levels of DPI with a single click (1000-1500-2000-3000-4000 DPI).


You can change the lighting color and mode with software.


Pixart PMW 3325 sensor is one of the most accurate sensors on the market.

  • Advanced software

    Kahn’s complete software allows you to set-up much more than its lighting effects: you can create combo keys, fire keys and macros with advanced functions that will increase your effectiveness in the game, allowing you to upload and sabe your most used configurations in its 10 profiles.

    In addition, thanks to its 16kb internal memory, Khan will allow you to play and work in different computers and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) without missing your most essential weapons, enjoying an ultra fast data transference trhough its gold plated USB connection.