• AVAGO 3050 optical sensor
  • 4 adjustable DPI levels (250 – 4000)
  • Programmable software
  • RGB lightning

Krom has synthesized in Kadru an advanced and versatile weapon, perfect both for gamers who want to level up and for expert players looking for a mouse in which technique and control are above all else. Kadru is a gaming mouse with programmable software and RGB lighting, which has a precise AVAGO 3050 optical sensor, an up to 4000 DPI sensitivity and an outline (made with premium materials) that merges with your hand.

Internal memoryOptical sensorRGB LightingSoftware
Lethal elegance

Kadru has a simple and elegant design, made with high quality materials and a soft rubber finish in its main contact areas. Its ergonomics adapt perfectly to the shapes of your hand, allowing you to play with confident movements and maximum control over them thanks to the stability of its structure of 160 grams and the precision of an AVAGO 3050 optical sensor.

Ready in a snap

Kadru drives its high preciseness through an AVAGO 3050 optical sensor with up to 4 DPI levels (from 250 to 4000). You will be able to nimbly switch between them with a simple and quick click so that nothing distracts your attention from fighting and overriding your opponents’ gestures.

An atmosphere for each moment

Do not limit yourself to a small color spectrum to create the gaming environment you need.Explore Kadru's RGB lightning infinite possibilities from its complete configuration software, creating and saving different profiles for each situation.

Krom premium mouse
Discover all that Kadru can offer you.

Kadru has the possibility to turn off the LED and select the Polling Rate in three levels.


You can change the lighting color and mode with software.


Switch between levels of DPI with a single click (250 to 4000 DPI)

  • Increase your capacities

    Become an even faster and lethal player creating your own combinations, combos and macros. Kadru allows you to customize the functions of its two main buttons and its two side buttons through its advanced configuration software, fully compatible with the latest Windows Operating System versions (7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10).